Consider for a moment what would happen if waste management companies did not exist. What kind of plan would you personally come up with to dispose of the materials that accumulate from your day-to-day usage of products? Here are a few things to keep in mind while developing that plan:

      Space. Where do you plan to store all of this waste? Will you just throw is out the back door or into the streets and hope for the best? Will you bury it?

      Rotting garbage smells badly. In addition to simply being offensive to smell and potentially causing nausea, rotting garbage can also create breathing problems, especially for individuals with issues such as asthma.

      Water-borne diseases. As materials start to breakdown, especially in moist and damp conditions, bacteria can produce cholera, which is an acute, diarrheal illness cause by an infection of the intestine.

      Hazards. Broken glass and rusty metals could cause severe cuts and injuries. If toxic bacteria are present at the source, these could also lead to infections and even tetanus.

Luckily, waste management companies do exist and you don’t need to worry about any of the scenarios above. Bay Disposal & Recycling works in accordance with local municipalities to ensure the safest and most environmentally friendly practices available, in both the transportation and processing of solid waste.

But there’s still plenty you can do:

      Recycle. Get to know your municipalities guidelines on recycling and do your part to separate out items that can be processed. Recycling helps to protect natural resources and the energy it takes to produce new materials.

      Compost. You can reduce the amount of solid waste that goes to landfills by removing organic items that can be used in composting. The result is fewer materials taking up space in landfills that are already overburdened. And you can create some great soil material for your own gardening and landscaping needs in the process.

Proactive waste management is something that affects us all, so we all need to work together to implement a solution that not only benefits us now, but will help other generations in the future. We only have one Earth. We need to treat it well.