A Monday “Public Service Announcement” for all our customers in Dare County, North Carolina!  View the PDF link below to read more about why Dare County, NC residents should be monitoring Tropical Depression #8 as this storm is currently on track to hit the Outer Banks starting Tuesday 8/30 through Wednesday 8/31.

If you’re an Dare County, NC resident and you have questions regarding your pickup schedule in regards to this upcoming storm, please call us at 757-857-9700 or email us at info@baydisposal.com.

For the latest updates regarding weather and traffic conditions in Dare County, NC, download the free Ready NC App at readync.org, subscribe to receive email updates from Dare County Emergency Management at DareCountyEM.com and follow @DareCountyEM on Twitter.

Read the full PDF announcement via the link below and stay safe (and hopefully dry!) out there!

Dare County – Department of Emergency Management Announcement PDF