If your business generates a lot of waste on a daily basis, you may want to consider the benefits of using a trash compactor in place of a standard dumpster. While it’s true the upfront costs of purchasing or renting a compactor may be a little more than what you’re paying for your dumpster pickup service, the long-range benefits will more than make up for that in just a short period of time. Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Cost Efficiency : Compacting your trash will greatly reduce the number of times you’ll need it to be picked up. This will more than make up for the cost of the compactor. It will also benefit the environment by reducing the impact on landfills, and saving on fuel for the trucks that transport your pickups.
  • Sanitation : Self-contained compactors have a built in “sump” to collect fluids from your trash, keeping it from leaking into your parking lot. This will also help to reduce foul odors, as well as insect and rodent infestations, which is especially beneficial to restaurants and other food service businesses. Compacted trash is also less likely to blow around on windy days, also leading to environmental friendliness and less “accidental” trash in your parking lot or around your property.
  • Ease of use : There is no special training involved with using a trash compactor. Simply throw your garbage in, then when you need more space in the receptacle, turn the compactor on with the touch of a button. Your trash is then compacted into manageable “blocks” that can be hauled away by your waste management company. Trash compactors can also be locked so that unauthorized use of your compactor is prohibited.

If your business is interested in moving from a dumpster to a trash compactor, contact Bay Disposal & Recycling. We offer three different types of compactors with a number of different configuration options. We’ll be happy to come to your business to conduct a site survey and make recommendations on the type of compactor that will work best for you based on the type of trash you throw away, the volume you produce and the available space you have.