One Can.

The power of One is incredible. Don’t ever think that your recycling efforts are wasted or futile—far from it! You are saving the world One Can at a time, little One.

When it comes time to make the trek all the way to the blue bin on the other side of the house; when you look at the trash that is recyclable after you clean it; when you feel hopeless or wonder if it’s all worth it, just remember the power of One Can.

Can One Person Recycling Make a Difference?

  • One American uses an average of 750 lbs of paper per year. By recycling, you save 18 trees annually. Over your lifetime you could save an entire forest.
  • One American produces an average of 4 lbs of trash daily, 34% of which is recyclable—by recycling you could keep 1,000 lbs of trash from a landfill.
  • Millions of cans are consumed worldwide each year, and recycling them uses 90% less energy than refining and creating new ones.

A forest full of trees, thousands of pounds of trash recycled, and a drastically reduced energy consumption for a worldwide industry. Still think you can’t make a difference?

Small Ways to Up your Recycle Game:

  • Paper towels used only for hand-drying, dry cleanup, etc. can still be recycled! It’s only when they have grease or food smears that they become trash.
  • Get rid of your paper notebooks (use them up and recycle the paper) then switch to digital means of notetaking moving forward.
  • Makeup, shampoo, and other beauty and hygiene products often come in plastic or glass bottles that are recyclable, but forgotten about. Use the last drop, then thoroughly rinse and reuse, or recycle.
  • Always check plastic items before tossing into the regular trash. Remember, #1, #2, and #5 are recyclable at Bay Disposal. If you don’t see a label, play it safe and use the regular trash. The power of One can have a negative impact as well—one bad item can ruin an entire batch of recycling!

We hope you recognize the power of One, and invite you to join Bay Disposal & Recycling as we save the world, One Can at a time.