Welcome back to Bay Disposal & Recycling, where we tackle global change one topic at a time. This week we’re taking a look at local environmental organizations, what they stand for, and how you can get involved—without spending a dime.

Let’s Get Involved.

Bay Disposal provides waste management and recycling services to residential areas as well as commercial properties across Norfolk, Hampton, Corolla, Powells Point, and the Peninsula. With our services spread throughout coastal Virginia, the Eastern Shore, and North Carolina, we have a particular interest in the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean.

Get Involved & Volunteer in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Elizabeth River Project is concentrated mainly near Norfolk, VA. Fighting the rampant pollution of the local tributary is their mission and restoration their tactic. Get involved and volunteer to clean up litter, plant trees, and act as a river steward.

Click Here to sign up for their monthly Volunteer Service Days and do your part for Norfolk, VA.

Lynnhaven River NOW is another local restoration organization, focused on reducing contamination in waterways, restore damaged habitats (oyster beds, salt marshes, plants, forests, etc.), and educate the community on smart eco-friendly practices moving forward.

Click Here to choose a committee that moves you, and get involved in restoring and protecting the waterways of Virginia Beach.

Volunteer & Save the World in the Eastern Shore & Peninsula

Chesapeake Bay Foundation is the largest independent conservation organization dedicated to saving our bay—the one we’re named for! As residents and business owners on the Peninsula, you’re between two important bodies of water. Caring for the bay is a critical part of our lives, livelihood, and what we love about our waterside homes.

Click Here to choose a region (they have chapters in VA and Maryland too!) and get started.

Use Your Powers for Good in Corolla & Powells Point, North Carolina

Corolla Wild Horse Fund exists to protect the unique natural treasure running wild in the Outer Banks, NC. These one-of-a-kind Spanish Mustangs swam ashore in the 16th century and have roamed the dunes ever since. Their herd has dwindled, and is constantly in danger of being wiped out. The good folks of the nonprofit CWHF work to protect and preserve these fragile creatures from extinction.

Click Here to volunteer for the horses, and Click Here to take a wild horse tour (proceeds go directly to help care for the horses).

Caring is Doing.

Whether you’re able to donate to a good cause or not, there’s always work that needs to be done, and time doesn’t cost a thing. Get involved and invite your friends along for the ride—why watch movies about heroes in capes when you could go out and save the world for real?