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Let’s Learn.

This week we’re continuing our hazardous waste disposal discussion by learning about aerosol cans. So what is the best way to safely dispose of used aerosol cans? That depends.

Is the aerosol can empty?

Shake the can to confirm that no product remains. If you hear that telltale sloshing sound, you know that there is still some product inside, and it is not safe to recycle. Finish off the product or give it to someone who will. If you don’t plan to use it, take the full or partial can to your local hazardous waste collection site. They can take the proper measures to release the pressure and recycle the can.

Do I have to remove the lid of aerosol cans to recycle them?

No. It’s important not to tamper with the spray nozzle of the can, as this could lead to a small explosion when the pressure inside is released. Recycle the empty can as-is, although you may remove the plastic cap that likely came with the product and recycle that as well.

Are all aerosol cans recyclable?

No. Be sure to check the label of the can, at it may specify proper disposal methods for the contents. If you’re still unsure, just give us a call and ask: 757-857-9700.

What are aerosol cans made from?

Most aerosol cans are made from steel or aluminum, which are both recyclable! Some places may even pay you for large quantities of empty aerosol cans.

Are aerosol cans dangerous to the environment?

Modern aerosol cans are much more ecofriendly than the pressurized cans of the past. However, they do still release organic compounds which generate smog. If you’re committing to a green lifestyle (good for you!) finish off what you’ve got while searching for a more eco friendly alternative.

That’s our lesson on hazardous waste & disposal of aerosol cans! See you next week.