Welcome to Bay Disposal & Recycling! Each week we research and serve up to you helpful tips, info, and resources to help you save the world. This week, we’re doing double duty with local organizations and opportunities to make money off the recycling you’re already doing.

Ready? Let’s make a profit.

Recycle Glass for Cash

Glass need not be intact (not broken) to be recycled, but it must be clean and ideally sorted by color. Virginia recycling centers may not pay for all types of glass so always double-check. Glass beverage bottles are almost always acceptable.

Expert tip: get a local business involved, even if it’s your own workplace. With permission, set out a small bin and designate it for glass beer, wine,  and liquor bottles. Collect it when it’s full and make bank!

Scrap Metal & Aluminum Cans

recycling cans for cash

Cameron Diaz’s Bad Teacher recycling cans for cash

As long as your scrap metal is rust-free and your aluminum cans are clean, you can get paid for it, and here’s how:

  • Construction Site Managers may be willing to purchase larger amounts of aluminum (aim for at least 50 lbs to make it worth their while).
    • Surplus Recycling in Virginia Beach pays for brass, copper, aluminum, and steel (bring your ID).
    • Gutterman Iron & Metal Corporation in Norfolk pays for tell, aluminum, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, zinc, and more.
    • Mid Atlantic Recycling in Norfolk pays cash for copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, iron, and more.
  • Community-focused apps or websites may also offer unique opportunities to get paid for scrap metal:

Industrial Plastic Scrap

If your company produces or takes in a lot of plastic scrap, you may be sitting on a shiny pile of potential cash:

  • Plasticycle will pick up your commercial scrap plastic (minimum 10K lbs) and pay for shipping. Check out the list of types of plastic they accept.
  • Vikoz provides a bin and pickup services, all your company needs to do is fill it up! Soon you’ll be making money off of your waste—and Vikoz recycles for you, too.
  • Birch Plastics buys and sells industrial scrap plastic and pays quicker than most.
  • KW Plastics accepts minimum loads of 35K lbs of HDPE and PP scrap plastic.

Additional Resources

Happy Profiting!