Happy Trashgiving 2018!

If you haven’t seen our blog from last year’s turkey day, check it out Here. This year we’re back with more quick tips and tricks to minimize your Thanksgiving footprint.

Ready? Let’s eat.

Shop Local. There are tons of farmers markets in Norfolk, Hampton, and the Peninsula of Virginia—as well as Powell’s Point and Corolla, NC. Take advantage of their proximity and the opportunity to support your local economy. Pick up your turkey, veggies, fruits, and even wine or beer from your friendly neighborhood farmer.

Play Mind Games. Using smaller plates at the biggest meal of the year can help with portion control issue. We all know we’ll pile our plates full with an impossible amount of food otherwise. Reduce your food waste by reminding everyone they can return for seconds (and thirds, even fourths) if they’re still hungry.thanksgiving meal

Think Ahead. If it comes wrapped or bottled in plastic, do you really need it? Is there a more eco friendly alternative? Bottled water, for example, can add up if it’s all you and your family drink. Pick up a filtering pitcher, or invest in an in-home water-filtration system. You’ll save money in the long-run, not to mention the good it’ll do for the planet.

Try Tofurkey. Going vegetarian on Thanksgiving may seem crazy, but it’s by far the more eco friendly option. It’ll be cheaper, healthier, and result in less non-compostable waste. Bonus: you won’t feel so full and sleepy after. Flag football, anyone?

Try Venison. If you absolutely must have meat, try a different kind. Wild game is high in protein and almost always wild-caught. Because deer are seldom farmed like cattle, turkey, and chicken, the meat is generally gamier and more natural. Bonus: Deer tenderloin, prepared properly, is the richest and most flavorful meat you’ve ever tasted.

Stay Home. Travel is almost never ecofriendly (unless you’re walking). Rather than spend the gas money and spread the exhaust fumes (flying’s even worse), stay home and enjoy a peaceful meal and evening with those you hold dear.

Recycle, Please. Place your recycle bin in a clearly visible place, and remind everyone what is allowed inside it. You may want to print our “How to Recycle” blog and tape it on the bin, just to avoid confusion.

Study Up. Our Trashgiving Blog from last year is FULL of useful and easy changes to make your Thanksgiving more eco friendly. We urge you to check it out and share it (and this post!) with your network of family, friends, and neighbors. Every little bit counts, and even the tiniest drop can have a huge ripple effect.

Happy Thanksgiving Hampton Roads!