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Dumpster Rental

As consumers, we all generate waste materials and recyclables. Bay Disposal & Recycling has a number of options to contain those materials and haul them off in an environmentally friendly way to their intended destination.

Residential Needs

D1So what kind of receptacle do you need? For residential properties, we have 18-gallon containers, 35-gallon carts or 95-gallon carts for weekly curbside pickup of garbage or biweekly pickup of recyclables near Hampton Roads includes Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Suffolk, Smithfield, Chesapeake and surround. We are managed and administered to promote efficiency in the processing of all waste streams, and we have achieved success in the application of our services to all sizes of organizations including:

  • Condominium Associations
  • Localized Municipal Service
  • Community Service
  • Homeowner Associations

For individuals who need a larger container or dumpster for a home improvement project (i.e., getting a new roof, renovating the kitchen, etc.), we have several one-time dumpster rental options for delivery and pickup at your home.

Business Waste and Recyclables

For businesses, metal dumpsters are available for both garbage and recyclables in sizes from 2 cubic yards (72” wide, 36” deep and 40” tall) to 8 cubic yards (72” wide, 66” deep and 80” tall). Two and 4-cubic yard plastic containers on casters are also available for rent.

For larger projects and commercial applications, we offer roll-off dumpster containers for rent ranging from 12 cubic yards (8’ wide, 14’ long and 4’ tall) all the way up to 40 cubic yards (8’ wide, 22’ long, and 8 feet tall). These can be picked up on-demand as needed. All of our trucks are equipped with a deodorant washout tank to keep your container from smelling during the hot summer months.

With flexible dumpster options for daily, monthly or even annual service or rental plans, we’re proud to be able to offer the right container for the job you need.

Construction Site Recycling

Bay Disposal & Recycling has entered into a long-term contract with the Hampton Roads Recover Center to handle the recycling needs of our contractor customers. We have 30-cubic yard (8’ wide, 22’ long, and 6’ deep) roll-off containers to collect recyclable materials such as brick, wood, concrete, and ferrous (steel and iron) to non ferrous (aluminum and copper) metals.

Quick Dumpster Size Guide

Waste and Recycling Carts and Containers:

  • 18 gallon container
  • 35 gallon cart
  • 95 gallon cart for both waste and recycling


  • 2 cubic yard – 72” wide by 36” deep by 40” tall. Loads from the top.
  • 4 cubic yard – 72” wide by 54” deep by 48.25” tall. Loads from the top.
  • 6 cubic yard – 72” wide by 66” deep by 60” tall. Two lids and two sliding doors.
  • 8 cubic yard – 72” wide by 66” deep by 80” tall. Two lids and two sliding doors.
  • 2 cubic yard plastic container on casters. Loads from the top.
  • 4 cubic yard plastic container on casters. Loads from the top.

Open Top Roll Off Containers:

  • 12 cubic yard – 8’ wide by 14’ long by 4’ tall
  • 20 cubic yard – 8’ wide by 22’ long by 4’ tall
  • 30 cubic yard – 8’ wide by 22’ long by 6’ tall
  • 40 cubic yard – 8’ wide by 22’ long by 8’ tall

Call Now!

Which type of container or dumpster is right for you? Give us a call at 757-857-9700 or email us at and let’s talk about it. We’ll be happy to discuss your average weekly usage for regular applications, or what you may need for a home remodeling project based on the size of the rooms being remodeled and the amount of materials that may be potentially removed from your home or office, then we can schedule you drop off and pick up as needed.

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