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Leed & Earthcraft

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Bay Disposal & Recycling will assist you in meeting “LEED” and “EARTHCRAFT” requirements with the Bay Disposal & Recycling Construction Jobsite Recycling Services. We offer contractors and site owners complete recycling services including:

  • Design of a Waste Management Plan individually constructed for your specific project based on your recycling goals.
  • Weight tickets from all participating facilities along with monthly spreadsheets reporting the recycling progress for both the previous month and the total project.
  • “One Can” recycling program designed to allow the contractor to throw all C&D material into one container. Clean wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, brick, block, and masonry are separated at the HRRC C&D Recycling Yard for recycling or reuse.
  • Clean Concrete, Metal Only and Cardboard Only Containers at reduced haul pricing based on the needs of your project.

Bay Disposal & Recycling’s Job Site Recycling Programs are structured for simplicity, to save you money, and to preserve and protect the environment. This marriage between construction waste management (CWM) and environmentalism creates a true win-win relationship.



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