Isle of Wight County residents will be seeing new logos on their trash and recycling trucks, as well as their trash and recycling bins, now that Bay Disposal & Recycling has taken over operations from All Virginia Environmental Solutions.

The changeover will be seamless for those living in areas such as Smithfield and Windsor, as pickup schedules and fees will remain in tact until it has been determined if there is a better or more efficient way to collect trash and recyclables.

This acquisition has been in the planning stages for the better part of a year and we believe we won this business based on our track record as conscientious waste management partners. Since our founding in 2000, we have vigorously pursued any and all methods to ensure the environmental soundness of waste management and disposal services, and how we handle various waste streams. The good people of Isle of Wight County can rely on us to perform in accordance with all applicable rules, regulations and standards required by various agencies, offices, departments and administrations to maintain safe pickup handling and disposal of residential and commercial waste.

Bay Disposal has also ordered two new automated trash trucks to serve our Isle of Wight customers and we look forward to serving our new customers in Isle of Wight, Smithfield, Windsor and Franklin through our package of waste disposal, waste management and recycling services!