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Paper or Plastic? Which is Better for the Environment?

Based on all of the bad publicity plastic has been getting recently, one might think this is an easy question to answer. But the truth of the matter may be surprising if you believe that paper is the clear winner in this equation. Let’s look at the facts. On the plus side, paper is made [...]

Paper or Plastic? Which is Better for the Environment?2019-08-21T06:53:31+00:00

A Quick Checklist for Recycling E-Waste

Drive up and down any local neighborhood street right before a scheduled trash pickup and you’ll probably see curbs lined with televisions, computers, and other electronic equipment that people are tossing out. That’s a shame, really, because up to 95% of e-waste can be recycled by facilities that specialize in doing so. When left for [...]

A Quick Checklist for Recycling E-Waste2019-08-21T06:53:31+00:00

Ideas To Reduce Plastic In Businesses

Plastics that escape into the oceans-either by accident or human carelessness—has become a global issue that many people are trying to resolve. You’ve probably read articles or heard about “skimming” vehicles that sift through our oceans, bays and harbors to remove floating trash so it can be disposed of properly. And while these are doing [...]

Ideas To Reduce Plastic In Businesses2019-08-21T06:53:31+00:00

How To Properly Dispose Of Hazardous Waste

When you read the term “hazardous waste,” does it make you think of spent nuclear fuel rods or industrial sludge from a factory? Of course, you don’t need to worry about disposing of those kinds of wastes because they are highly regulated. But believe it or not, you probably have hazardous waste in your home [...]

How To Properly Dispose Of Hazardous Waste2019-08-21T06:53:35+00:00

Items You Can And Cannot Recycle

It’s great when individuals and organizations make a concerted effort to recycle. Recycling is a great way to keep our landfills from getting overloaded, protect our valuable air, water and soil, and it helps to preserve the Earth’s natural resources. However, it’s important to know what can and cannot be recycled so valuable materials aren’t [...]

Items You Can And Cannot Recycle2019-08-21T06:53:35+00:00

December Schedule

We understand that many people generate additional waste and recycling products during the holiday season, so we’re making it easy for you to clean up! With that in mind, here is the December pickup schedule: Smithfield (Refuse Pickup) West Side: Every Monday | 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st East Side: Every Tuesday | 4th, 11th, [...]

December Schedule2018-12-17T07:21:20+00:00