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Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

There’s something about warmer weather that just motivates people to throw open their doors and windows, scrub down all of the surfaces that may have gone untouched during the colder months, replace the flannel bend linens with a fresh, light-weight set of cool sheets, and basically kiss winter goodbye.

Of course, in this part of the […]

Why Garbage Removal Is So Important

Consider for a moment what would happen if waste management companies did not exist. What kind of plan would you personally come up with to dispose of the materials that accumulate from your day-to-day usage of products? Here are a few things to keep in mind while developing that plan:

–       Space. Where do you plan […]

Top Zero-Waste Gifts for Kids

Picture a child’s holiday celebration or birthday, with mounds of presents encased in plastic, wrapped with bright paper and tied neatly together with ribbon. Now picture all of that plastic, paper and ribbon ending up in a landfill and the gifts inside sitting unused on a shelf. It’s time for a different way of thinking, […]

Top Waste Management Tips

At Bay Disposal & Recycling, we talk about waste management tips a lot because it’s a very important subject that we think everyone should understand. Our philosophy is, the more people know about the problem, the better they be able to add to the solution. So here are a few quick ways you can take […]

Simple Ways to Avoid or Reduce Waste

No one likes when things go to waste. Especially if you spent money on something and weren’t able to use it or you didn’t get the value from it you expected. But with a little planning, we can all strive to reduce or eliminate waste by being conscious of our actions. Here are a few […]

Paper or Plastic? Which is Better for the Environment?

Based on all of the bad publicity plastic has been getting recently, one might think this is an easy question to answer. But the truth of the matter may be surprising if you believe that paper is the clear winner in this equation.

Let’s look at the facts. On the plus side, paper is made from […]

The Benefits of Recycling

On the surface, it would seem that the primary benefit of recycling is to lower the amount of trash that goes into landfills. Based on the fact that the United States alone generates more than 258 million tons (that’s 516 trillion pounds), and taking into account that only about 35% of that waste get incinerated […]

A Quick Checklist for Recycling E-Waste

Drive up and down any local neighborhood street right before a scheduled trash pickup and you’ll probably see curbs lined with televisions, computers, and other electronic equipment that people are tossing out. That’s a shame, really, because up to 95% of e-waste can be recycled by facilities that specialize in doing so. When left for […]

The Benefits Of Waste Compactors

If your business generates a lot of waste on a daily basis, you may want to consider the benefits of using a trash compactor in place of a standard dumpster. While it’s true the upfront costs of purchasing or renting a compactor may be a little more than what you’re paying for your dumpster pickup […]

Ideas To Reduce Plastic In Businesses

Plastics that escape into the oceans-either by accident or human carelessness—has become a global issue that many people are trying to resolve. You’ve probably read articles or heard about “skimming” vehicles that sift through our oceans, bays and harbors to remove floating trash so it can be disposed of properly. And while these are doing […]