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Hazardous Waste Disposal: Aeresol Cans

Welcome to Bay Disposal & Recycling! Our mission is to save the world through education and responsible waste disposal. When you need help learning how to recycle, or whether this or that item is recyclable, we’re here for you.
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This week we’re continuing our hazardous waste disposal discussion by learning about aerosol cans. So […]

What Does my Brita Filter Remove?

Welcome to Bay Disposal & Recycling, where we crusade for saving the planet both online and on the streets. Honk when you see one of our large green or pink trucks, and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you see anything fly out of one—our mission is to collect all of the waste […]

Recycling Tips

Welcome to Bay Disposal & Recycling, where we bring you Recycling news and information each week. This week we’re looking at some little-known recycling facts, debunking some recycling myths, and answering your most pressing recycling questions.
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How can I remember which plastics are recyclable?

We’ve heard this many times, and we’re pleased […]

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