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Hazardous Waste Disposal: Household Chemicals

Welcome back to Bay Disposal & Recycling where we deliver answers to your burning waste disposal questions. This week, we’re bringing you the Dos an Don’ts of how to safely dispose of hazardous waste.
Let’s get Safe.
When it comes time to dispose of that bottle or can, sometimes it can be hard to know the […]

Can I Recycle … ?

Welcome to Bay Disposal’s blog, where we strive to answer your most pressing questions about recycling and waste disposal in Hampton Roads, VA and Corolla, NC. This week we’ve compiled list of frequently asked about or incorrectly recycled items.

Many items that should not be recycled often are, simply because we want them to be recyclable; […]

One Can Make a Difference

One Can.
The power of One is incredible. Don’t ever think that your recycling efforts are wasted or futile—far from it! You are saving the world One Can at a time, little One.

When it comes time to make the trek all the way to the blue bin on the other side of the house; […]

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