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Hazardous Waste Disposal: Automotive Fluids

Welcome to Bay Disposal & Recycling, THE place for Hampton Roads’ eco friendly, green living, environmentally conscious residents. Every week we strive to bring you interesting, relevant, and informative topics about how we can all work together to save our beaches, communities, and planet.
Let’s Get Heroic.
At the end of each month we focus […]

Eco Friendly Alternatives to Plastic, Foil, and Styrofoam

Happy Hump Day from Bay Disposal & Recycling! Each week we count down to Friday with eco friendly tips, info, and resources to help Hampton Roads live a green lifestyle. We’re focusing on environmental alternatives to commonly-used packaging materials, specifically plastic, foil, and Styrofoam.
Let’s Reuse.
Plastic: We talk about plastic a lot here at Bay […]

Plastic Straw Alternatives

Welcome to Bay Disposal! Our mission is to bring the good folks of Hampton Roads eco friendly news, tips, and resources for living a green lifestyle. Together we can save our beautiful beach home.
Let’s get heroic.
As you may have heard on the news this week or seen in our post from last year “The […]

July Schedule

Welcome back to Bay Disposal! Please bookmark our schedule so you’re always ready on trash day 🙂