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DIY: Save the World

Welcome to Bay Disposal’s blog, where we answer your burning questions about responsible waste management and disposal as well as recycling. This month we’re bringing you tips and tricks for living a green lifestyle, which is more attainable than you may realize. We all share this home of ours, so let’s work together to preserve […]

Happy Trashgiving!

Give thanks this holiday season – not trash!
As the weather grows colder and the drinks grow warmer, Bay Disposal & Recycling is already planning our holiday meals … and how we’ll clean up the mess after. We’re here with some more seasonal tips to help you have your greenest thanksgiving ever – with less […]

Compost That

Welcome to Bay Disposal’s blog, where we research and simplify complicated environmental topics, so you don’t have to! This month we’re looking at small lifestyle changes that have a big impact on the world around us. We’ve only got one planet, so let’s treat it nice.
Let’s learn.
Composting is one of those practices we all […]

Easy Peasy Greeny Tips

Welcome to Bay Disposal’s blog, where we bring you information, resources, and tips for saving the world.
Nobody actively wants to hurt our planet, but most folks simply haven’t seen a green lifestyle in action, and don’t really understand what it means, or how to live it. That’s why we’re here, to help point the good […]