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Trash or Treat

Happy Halloween from Bay Disposal & Recycling!
Everyone loves the spooky season – pumpkins, candy, and costumes are fun at any age! But the real scary part is the massive amount of solid waste that sticks around to haunt us post-holiday: truly terrifying.

By making a few simple (and fun) changes to your Halloween routine this year, […]

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Boo! Welcome back to Bay Disposal’s Recycling Responsibly Series.

For our final installment in the Recycling Responsibly series, we thought we’d celebrate the spooky season with a scary story about hazardous waste. Don’t worry – we’ll keep bringing you helpful information, tips, and resources to help you reduce, reuse, and recycle our way to a healthier environment. […]

Recycling Responsibly: How is Plastic Recycled?

Welcome back to Bay Disposal’s Recycling Responsibly Series.

Every week we’re bringing you more earth-saving information about the different everyday items we could be recycling. This week we’re looking at the process of plastic recycling, and its impact on this planet which we all share.

Let’s Learn!

Most plastic is non-biodegradable, meaning that it does not naturally […]

Recycling Responsibly: What Types of Plastic are Recyclable?

Welcome back to Bay Disposal’s Recycling Responsibly Series.

Each week we’re back with more answers to your lifelong recycling questions. Ever stood at the two bins – one black for trash, one blue or green for recycling – and wondered whether the item in your hand is recyclable? Let Bay Disposal solve your dilemma, and […]

October Schedule

Hello, October!

Fall has arrived and with it comes rainy days, orange leaves, and bonfires! When you’re ready to set out those bags of collected leaves Bay Disposal is here to help (just make sure to jump in them before bagging and setting them out)!

Smithfield (Refuse Pickup)

West Side: Every Monday | 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

East […]